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Hello, I'm Kathryn (also known as Reenie).

My love of cooking started with baking with my mum at a very young age. I baked everything from cookies to foccacia breads and even enormous novelty cakes shaped like castles! I was always watching different cookery shows to get inspiration or reading through recipe books. If a recipe didn't go right the first time, I wouldn't stop making it until it was perfect. Then once I have mastered a recipe, I like to add my own twist to it to make it that extra bit more special. I often received special requests from friends and family to prepare cakes and treats for parties and weddings and even won competitions for my homemade fudge (sorry the recipe is still a secret). Although, you can find some of my favourite baking recipes in the recipe section.

As I got older my love of baking continued, but I began developing my cooking skills too (there is only so much baked goods you can eat yourself). While studying for my BSc in Physiology & Sports Science at the University of Glasgow, I had the opportunity to work in France at a triathlon training camp. My main role there was cooking breakfast, baking cakes, preparing lunch and making desserts. I also worked with the head chef to prepare main meals and starters, often being left on my own to do it all. It was then that I realised how much I loved the buzz of cooking for large groups of people. Since then, I have been continuing to develop my skills in a variety of roles in the catering industry including cafes, restaurants and chalets. 

When I am not in the kitchen cooking away, you will find me exploring the mountains. I have always been a very sporty person. Growing up I was a competitive swimmer, which developed into competing in triathlons while at university. For active people, the mountains really has to be the best place. Nothing beats the tranquility and peacefulness of running through the mountain trails. From my degree at University, and also my years of experience as a swimming and triathlon coach, I also have a great understanding about the nutrition required to fuel your body correctly for exercise. So if you are an active person visiting Châtel or the nearby area and you are looking for a caterer that can provide nutritious meals that will compliment your training, get in touch with me and I can design a menu to suit your needs.

If you would like to enquire about booking me to cater for your chalet while on holiday

or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!


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