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Super healthy chocolate shake!

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

What is better than having a thick and creamy bowl of chocolatey goodness in the morning? Hmmmm not much if you ask me! And you would never know that this bowl is full of nutritious veggies too. Smoothie bowls and shakes are such a good way to start off your day to get in some of your fruit and veggies.

Sweet potato is a great addition to smoothies because it gives a great creamy texture and adds some natural sweetness too. It has LOTS of health benefits including being a great source of carotenes, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and has been found to have high antioxidant effects! So get involved in adding these to your smoothie game... DO IT !

I'm also going to let you in on a great food prep hack.... where you can prep for more than one meal at the SAME TIME! If you are preparing sweet potato for your evening meal, make extra that you can fill up a tub or two to put in the freezer.



Chop your sweet potato into cubes and steam until just beginning to soften.

Don't over cook otherwise your sweet potato will turn to mush.

Leave to cool and place into a freezer safe box and store in the freezer until ready to use.


Chop sweet potatoes into cubes and cook in boiling water until soft all the way through. Drain the water and mash until smooth. Leave to cool then spoon the sweet potato into a freezer tray. Store in the freezer until ready to use.

I particularly like the silicone ice-cube trays as it is super easy to pop the cubes out of the tray when frozen.

Now onto the recipe...


- 100g frozen banana

- 100g frozen sweet potato (pre-roasted or steamed before freezing)

- 100g skyr (or yogurt)

- Tsp almond butter (or other nut butter)

- Unflavoured protein (I used unflavoured whey protein isolate, vanilla or chocolate flavoured works too. This is also optional, the smoothie will still be good without it)

- Tbsp raw cacao powder

- Splash of water or your choice of milk for a smoothie bowl, or 1 cup for a shake.


1. Add all ingredients to your blender/food processor/whatever you use to make your smoothies.

2. Blend until smooth & creamy

3. If making a smoothie bowl, add to a bowl and add your favourite toppings.


Granola, peanut butter, cacao nibs, chopped fruits, dried fruits, shredded coconut...

What are your favourite smoothie toppings?

Let me know if you try the recipe! I hope you like it!

Lots of Love,

Reenie xo

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