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Easy Banana-Orange Granola.

This is my go to granola recipe, because it is so super simple and you don't need any complicated ingredients as these are ingredients that I pretty much always have in the house. As I say this recipe is basic, (although it doesn't taste basic) so you can think of it as a base granola recipe to get more adventurous with. Other things I like to add to this recipe are different types of nuts (cashews go really well), dried fruits (dried mango is my favourite with this one) or even a cheeky bit of chocolate... because chocolate orange mmmm !

Another great thing about this recipe is the washing-up ..... there is pretty much none! All you need is a large bowl, a fork and a baking tray. (Also a mini grater/zester if you are using the orange zest too... but that is easy to clean so don't complain ! ) ALSO, this granola keeps really well, so don't worry about eating it all up super fast... although I never manage to keep it very long. It is one of my favourite snacks !

Hmmmm what food combos to eat it with ?

- Smoothie bowl / nice-cream topping

- With berries and yogurt

- On its own as a snack

- Porridge topping

... any other ideas ?


Per Serving (approx 50g) - 138kcal - 24g Carbs - 3g Fat - 4g Protein -


100g Banana (mashed)

Orange; 50ml juice freshly squeezed & zest grated* optional... But I like it for an extra orange-ness.

150g Regular oats

150g Jumbo oats

25g sunflower (or mixed) seeds


1. Pre-heat oven to 180˙C.

2. Mash banana in your large bowl

3. Zest orange (if you are doing so, I recommend it if you like the flavour of oranges) and squeeze out 50ml of the juice into the mashed banana.

4. Mix in the oats and seeds until evenly combined (should look like a clustery crumbly texture).

5. Spread out evenly on your baking tray.

6. Bake for about 30 minutes (until golden), mixing every 10 minutes to ensure the granola is baked evenly.

7. Leave to cool, and store in an airtight container.

I hope you enjoy this recipe !

If you have any questions, ask away, I love to hear from you guys about what you think or any ideas. Any flavour combo ideas you think would go well with this?

Lots of Love,

Reenie xo

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