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Ocean Blue Mint Smoothie Bowl

Updated: Sep 18, 2020


This smoothie/healthy ice-cream recipe is definitely up there in my top 5 favourites. I love this one because it is so super light and refreshing and it always leaves me feeling energised too! So what's not to love ?

I love this one before a hard running session as it doesn't leave me feeling heavy or weighed down at all. I have said before that I wouldn't really have a big bowl of oats or toast or anything that doesn't digest very quickly in the morning if I know that I am doing a hard running session. Especially if I don't have a huge amount of time to "rest and digest" before my session. I can pretty much eat anything before any other sport, but for running I always like to play it safe. So a pre-run brekkie that is perfect for me is definitely a refreshing, fruity smoothie bowl :-)

What is your favourite pre-run breakfast/meal? And why ?

Ok and now to the recipe .....


258 Kcal - 30g Carbs - 1g Fat - 32g Protein


- 100g Frozen banana

- 100g Frozen courgette

- 100g Quark (or 0% thick greek yogurt) - Scoop (20g) unflavoured whey protein (or your choice of protein powder; this is also optional, but I like the light, smooth and airy texture it gives)

- Tsp Spirulina (optional)

- A few mint & basil leaves

- Splash of water or almond milk (this depends on your blender or how thick/thin you like to have your smoothies)


1.Blend all ingredients together until super smooth and creamy

2. Add your favourite toppings.

** Topping ideas = apple slices, nut butter, dried fruits, nuts, granola, oats, berries, cacao nibs.... the options are endless !

Let me know if you try out this recipe!

Comment below your favourite smoothie recipes :D

Lots of Love,

Reenie xo

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